We give your goods wheels, and get them to their destination quickly and efficiently. As we hit the road, we'll manage your overland transportation along with the required customs, and government requirements.

Land Transportation

MHS Shipping is providing the solution of land transportation in UAE to our customers all over the globe by delivering their goods on their door using our own fleets with fast, reliable & efficient services of land freight. We are capable of doing full truck load ( FTL ) & less than truck load (LTL ). Our services of land transportation are not just limited to the UAE, we are also moving our vehicles cross border for delivering your goods to anywhere in gulf countries. What makes us unique in land freight services is the tracking of your goods, we believe in keeping our customers up to date, where ever the shipment is you will get a notification & you can track your shipment whenever you need to check the status.


Distribution Centre

Similar to consolidation, distribution centres are also essential to warehousing. We find strategically placed centres that can manage storage, reverse logistics and all other distribution requirements.

Vendor Managed Inventory

When your goods are warehoused, they are under our diligent supervision. This ensures better stock management.

Site Consultancy

Rely on veteran knowledge to find optimal warehouse locations which in turn speeds up goods distribution.


Shipping bulk

We are adept at handling overweight and out-of-gauge shipments which do not fit into standard containers. We use the best suitable sea freight carrier and break-bulk service keeping in mind your cost and service requirement.

Containers matter

The type of containers matter. Whether you need flat rack or open top containers, mafi trailers, flatbeds or other types of special equipment, we've got you covered.

Every shipment is precious

We go the extra nautical mile by providing you with the latest updates from the current location of your shipment to handling customs brokerage, quality control and inspections.

24-hour support

We are at your service 24/7 to make sure your goods reach their destinations around the world in the best possible transit time and at cost-efficient routes.

Gain the winning edge

Competitive advantage is what makes Freight Consolidators a preferred choice for over 3000 clients across the world. Gain the winning edge with the logistics partner who brings the best out of your business.

Customized solutions

Customized solutions for your evolving and unique ocean freight needs define our reputation as a 25+ year old seasoned company. Tell us your complex requirement and we'll create a solution aimed at satisfying you.

Where speed meets savings

70+ clients. 5000+ global destinations. 24/7 support. The numbers look good. Once you see the size of our network, shipping speed, and optimized rates, we think you'll agree.