Why choose us?

At MHS SHIPPING, we go beyond global. We move and deliver with utmost care and safety for your cargo. It is these core values that have made us a global player, and continue to keep us moving across land, sea and air.

Your competitive advantage

We are an approved IATA agent since 1996. We are also an also an active member of Air Cargo Agents Association of India (ACAAI), Individual Member of International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA) and Allied Member of Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations in India (FFI).

Warehouse storage

If you`re looking for storage space to hold your cargo before leaving or after reaching a destination, we offer a range of warehousing options. We handle all types of warehousing such as perishable goods, temperature control, cold storage, etc.

Real-time tracking

Track your goods on the move. We`ll update you whenever your shipment is all along the way. We have an impressive on-time delivery rate of 93% so you can be sure that getting your goods delivered on time is our number one priority.

Easy payment methods

We`ve simplified payment methods because getting your goods on time is our top priority. No matter the requirement, no matter the load, we`ll have an invoice ready in no time and your goods will be in our secure hands as fast as you can exclaim!

Personalized solutions

Every complex movement requires flexible thinking and planning and we have it all in store for you. Personalising your most complex requirement to suit your needs is our forte.

Transparent Pricing

Pricing is what makes or breaks deals, which is why we make sure the core of your need is kept transparent. Be it a simple requirement or even the most complex of shipments, we have an apt quote for every need. Be it by air, sea or land, we have what it takes to get your goods to your destination, with the costs given upfront.

Security for cargo

When your cargo is with us, it is in safe hands. For over two decades, Freight Consol has been a name you can trust.

Fast & Efficient delivery

Our delivery isn`t just fast, it`s efficient, secure and careful. We have an on-time delivery success rate of 93% making us one of the most dependable logistics providers in the world. From real-time tracking to our round-the-clock support team, you`ll know where your goods are and when it`ll reach your customer.

24/7 Support

You should never have to remain in the dark about the status of your cargo. Our round-the-clock support team is here to answer all of your questions and provide timely updates about your order.

Our high impact services

Distribution Centre

Similar to consolidation, distribution centres are also essential to warehousing. We find strategically placed centres that can manage storage, reverse logistics and all other distribution requirements.

Vendor Managed Inventory

When your goods are warehoused, they are under our diligent supervision. This ensures better stock management.

Site Consultancy

Rely on veteran knowledge to find optimal warehouse locations which in turn speeds up goods distribution.

Temperature Controlled

We find facilities that are capable of being temperature controlled to store perishable and other specialised goods.

Consolidation Centre

Efficiency, planning and forecasting are essential to cargo shipping. We find consolidation services that are best suited for your shipment so that your cargo is put on the fast track to its destination.

Where speed meets savings

70+ clients. 5000+ global destinations. 24/7 support. The numbers look good. Once you see the size of our network, shipping speed, and optimized rates, we think you'll agree.